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Electronics is not just our job. It is our passion. It is what The Specialist breathes. We take exceptional pride in what we do. How we execute what we do. How we put our more than 25 years knowledge and experience to execute your request and tackle your challenges with any of our specialized services.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable company for your service need. Look no further. You have found what you been looking for.

You can always depend on The Specialist to deliver comprehensive and professional services with fast responses.

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GPS Tracking Services

GPS Tracking Services (Vehicle and VIP)
THE SPECIALIST installs tracking devices that utilizes the latest GPS, and Cellular technologies to provide location, direction, speed and history of your vehicle.

Once professionally installed by us, you can start tracking your devices and manage your account via a dedicated portal on the internet.

The device is cost-effect, and highly recommended to use for fleet management, vehicle tracking, security, logistic and rental service companies. With optional modules, many other functions and extensions are supported, like fuel monitoring, engine shutdown, remote firmware update.

The Specialist offer personal trackers for VIP, kids, elders, pets, or other valuable assets.
01. Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
02. Current location report
03. Tracking by time interval or distance
04. SOS panic button
05. Geo-fencing monitoring and alarm
06. Low battery alert
07. Speeding alert
08. Engine Cut
09. Alert when device enters / exits GPS blind area
10. Built-in motion sensor for GPRS data saving
11. Position logging capacity up to 260,000+ waypoints stored when in blind area & forward when connection re-establishes
12. Listening and speaking, Two-way communication (optional)
13. Fuel monitoring (optional)
14. I/O: 5 digital inputs, 3 negative and 2 positive triggering; 5 outputs
15. Main power cut alert

Once the system is installed and activated you simply go online with your username and password for live monitoring.

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Vehicle Alarms * Remote Start

Vehicle Alarms

Full featured Crime Guard and K-9 car alarms

Protect your vehicle against break-ins, theft or joyriding.

State-of-the-art features and sensors ensure your vehicle is protected at all entry points. Engine disabled for unauthorized starting. Designed with the latest technology to interface with today's sophisticated vehicle electronic and computer systems.

With the push of a button, Remote Start System allows you to start your vehicle and control the climate inside your car by using the two-way remote transmitter.

The  two-way remote allows you to monitor all that happens with your vehicle from its LCD display.

Protect It - Start It - Control It - Track It!

Today's car alarms offer features, security and convenience - plus accessories - to fit the needs of virtually any vehicle owner. With databus integration, we deliver new generation of vehicle security systems of the latest technology to our customers.

Let us install your full featured car alarm, starting from as low as $150.00 including installation.

- 2 remote transmitters
- Complete protection for all doors, trunk and engine hood
- Anti-Carjack
- Starter disable
- Dual stage shock sensor with pre-warning
- Panic
- Parking lights flash
- Silent Arm / Disarm
- Can sound siren and car horn together

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Satellite TV

Satellite TV Installation & Maintenance

Satellite TV delivers entertainment and excitement to you through hundreds of digital HD TV channels packed with sporting events, news, action movies, music and other special events.

In addition ... with it's high quality sound and picture, digital satellite television is surely the ideal compliment to one's home theater system.

Main advantages of digital satellite television inlcude:

    The superior quality of digital image.
    The availability of hundreds of channels including a large number of HD progamming.
    Easy to use on screen guide that includes all current and upcoming programming scheduled on the system.
    Large number of digital audio channels.

Ready to go satellite? Let us install a complete system for you.

Our professional installations include:

    Free site survey.
    Dual head LNB.
    Assembly of 1.2 or 1.8 meter fiber or metal dishes.
    Custom welded and primed, strong fabricated wall mounting brackets.

    Fast and accurate signal fine tuning for optimum performance for 34.5, 61.5, 110, 113, 118 or 119 satellite signals, using latest technology satellite finders (Birdog / Trimax / First Strike).
    Testing of equipment for proper operation.
    Programming and equipment orientation.

We also offer installation and or alignment service for Dutch BVN, French CANALSAT and Glorystar Christian satellite service.

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Wireless LAN

Wireless Network / Internet

Complete wireless installation services for indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi, wireless LAN or Internet

For true Wi-Fi solutions, wireless network design, sales and configuration of equipment, from the structured cabling infrastructure to the equipment and antenna mounting.

Our robust Wi-Fi LAN technology with Power over Ethernet provides, economic, indoor or outdoor wireless Internet service through wood, cinder-block, brick, cement-constructed concrete or even metal-stud building structures.

The Specialist will do a free physical site assessment to confirm suitability of each intended mounting location
- Confirmation of suitable AC power capacity and availability
- Installation of required structured Ethernet cable (both indoor and outdoor installation)
- Interconnection of the Wi-Fi system to the existing IP network infrastructure or existing Internet Service Provider (ISP)
- Post-installation coverage and connectivity verification

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Our wireless radios are perfect for:

    Hotels, Condos, Motels, Resorts and Conference Centers
    Lodges, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts, Restaurants and Cafés
    RV parks, Campgrounds and Marinas
    Real Estate, Gated Communities, Apartments and Homes
    Schools, Campus
    Airport and Harbour
    Security Surveillance Systems
    Construction sites

No cluttering with multiple routers or large amounts of access point units. Usually one or two of our strategically placed OMNI-WIFI units offer ample coverage at amazing high speeds.

Offer free internet service to visiting clients or control and charge a fee through a web based portal for internet access.

In order to best establish your wireless needs please complete information here LOCAL / OMNI-WIFI

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Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling Services

Intelligent structured wiring systems provide seamless, integrated control of security, cable and or satellite TV, audio and video, the Internet, telephone, lighting and HVAC.

Low voltage bundled cables are distributed throughout the home from a central panel. The functions of the distribution panel are a lot like a telephone switchboard of the past. You simply connect the service desired – be it telephone, entertainment or computer networking – to the room of the house where it is needed.

Given the stresses of everyday life and the increasing speed at which our lives unfold, we are in pursuit of security, stability and comfortable surroundings. Structured wiring helps you make the most of your home, letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancement and endless possibilities. Security. Luxury. Convenience. Our intelligent design allows you to take control of your home and security to new levels, making your life easier than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Multi-Room Video:

Multi-room video lets you distribute signals from different video sources such as security cameras, DVD or HDTV, satellite or cable to televisions throughout your home. Now every room can be an extension of your entertainment center! You can also create your own custom television channels for monitoring areas inside or outside of your home through security cameras.

Satellite TV Distribution:

Distributes satellite TV signals to multiple receivers and television locations through a single coax cable, so you can watch satellite programming from anywhere in the house.

 Whole-House Audio :

Play music to suit your mood throughout your entire home. This option will distribute an audio signal to multiple pairs of speakers or to multiple mono locations.

Security Camera Monitoring:

The system connects surveillance cameras to any television in the house, allowing you to keep an eye on the baby in the nursery, the kids in the swimming pool, or visitors at the front door.

Home Automation:

For easy, automated control of lighting, heating and air conditioning, and security systems. Check on the status of your security system, arm or disarm remotely, Receive notifications.
High-Speed Internet Access:

Shared high speed Internet access with a DSL or cable modem provides fast, simultaneous Web access for all the computers and mobile devices in your home.

Home Office:

Advanced multi-line telephone system allows you to add or change lines and locations of phones, fax machines, and modems without rewiring.

Home Networking and Wi-Fi:

Share files, printers, fax machines, scanners, and high-speed access to the Internet.
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Gold Plating Services

2010-08-01 22.38.39.jpg

Plating services:

We specialize in electroplating a wide range of items such as mobile phones (stainless steel) and other personal devices,  bathroom taps and antiques. Of course not to forget most any jewelry, fashion, silver or gold.

We can also restore your antiques or other family heritage valued items.

Metals we work with:

* Rhodium (white gold)
* 24K Hard or Soft Gold
* Rose Gold
* Silver
* Palladium
* Nickel
* Copper

Our new and improved tank electroplating services come with a lifetime warranty offered by us for as long as you own the piece.

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