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Data Network Installation and Certification

The Specialist can design, install, test and certify your data and voice network. We are committed to provide the highest possible standards of workmanship.


No messy spaghetti excess bundled waste wiring in your data cabinet or server room guaranteed.

Only the highest quality components and hardware are used, tailored to your individual requirements for guaranteed network installation standards and reliability.


The commonly used cables in our network installations are based on: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a. All have different levels of performance, and therefore based on application and consultation, the right cable is selected for the job.

CAT7 is also available upon special request.

When certifying data wiring, patch panels, data jacks and other components, for speed testing and certification of our installed network, we use the Validator to generate and print final test reports,

The services that we provide include:

* Installation of new cat5e / cat6 networks
* Expansion with additional cabling or relocation of existing networks.
* Communications data cabinet tidying and relocation
* Testing, troubleshooting & documentation of new & existing data / voice networks
* Office / Floor moves & changes to existing networks
* Gigabit Ethernet cabling

Products used for job execution:



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