Fiber Optic Services

* micro ducts placing

* blowing fiber optic cable

* fusion splicing

* power measurement

* testing with OTDR

If super high speed, high security and high performance is what you are looking for at home or business, then fiber optic services with The Specialist is your installation experts choice!

Fiber optic consist of hair thin glass used to transmit light over very long distances and at very high bandwidths.

The Specialist installations experiences, we are always committed to attention to details and the careful handling of delicate optical fibers, ensuring that your network design and implementation not only meets your needs today but also will allow for easy and cost effective upgrading of your network as your needs grow or for future technology.

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Fiber optic blower compressor
Fiber optic duct blowing
Fiber optic cable termination
Fiber optic cable organised in 3M enclosure
Fiber Optic Technology
The Specialist fiber optic technician