Burglary Alarms

Burglary Alarm System

A wired or wireless collection of detection devices, control unit, annunciation and reporting equipment, control station(s), phone line (and or GSM, RF or IP), power supply and other associated equipment connected together to detect and report the existence of an undesirable condition such as an intrusion, unsafe condition or emergency.

System Design:

A typical alarm system detects the presence of a person within the secured space by the appropriate sensor. The system then notifies others via programmed calling numbers who will react in the system owner's interest (Central Monitoring Station). This could be a deterrence to prevent a crime from taking place or to help capture an intruder. If the system achieves this goal only once, it will probably have paid for its total installation and or maintenance costs.

The Specialist will conduct an on site survey to assess and discuss possible risks where located. Based on the site survey a list of objectives is compiled and used to design a custom alarm system with specific sensors based on your location, specifically suited to your needs.

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Wireless Alarm control panel
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